Friday, May 8, 2015

Start Potty Training Featuring Boy Potty Training, Girl Potty Training, and friends

So after little Mira has been potty trained for the last 3 days, my wife has forced my to spread the good word like a true born again. In fact, she says it's a great lessen in humility and a way to snub my cynicism and condescending attitude? I think the witch is wrong ( LOL!! Just kidding honey) I'm actually a rather humble guy. So to prove my commitment to The Start Potty Training Course  I've decided to spread the toilet gospel throughout the we, starting by sharing photos ( and proof) of all of the success I've had potty traning my kids and animals.

Is that enough to turn you all into believers?

( P.S. The Carol Cline Start Potty Training Course actually works, I'm just trying to annoy my wife, while also having a little fun....)

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