Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Start Potty Training and Stop Changing Diapers

holy crap it worked ( no pun intended, kind of ). After three days of potty training with little Mira ( im dreaming toilets) it actually worked. MIRA has gone to the potty all by herself. Granted she stripped off her clothes before she even entered the house, but step by step...

You all probably know about Carol Cline's Start Potty Training Program that promises the impossible and then actually delivers. She's like the toddler toilet whisperer on par with famed Ceser Milan.

(You think people would watch a bunch of tuts straddle up a toilet and give a good squeeze?)

Okay, so down to the hocus pocus. Ms. Carol promises her program will potty train any child in only 3 days. Yes, only 3 days... you think it works? ..... maybe, but it didn't in my case, unless you count when Mira peed all over the bathroom floor on the 2nd day of the course. BUT! 2 days later, after the initial 3, little Mira did the deed all by herself.

Give her a week more and I'm sure she'll be sitting on the crapper with a newspaper! ( or most likely texting... )

For those of you interested ====> the link

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